The Good Host Program

What makes for a good host? We think it's being welcoming, anticipating your guest's needs, and simply wanting everyone to enjoy themselves. 

With Inside Out Theatre's Good Host Program we work to open up the theatre going experience by facilitating accessible performances like ASL Interpreted nights, Audio Described plays, and Relaxed Performances.

By partnering with fellow Calgary theatre companies we have a year round accessible season for you. From family theatre to contemporary dramas and comedies to murder mysteries, Calgary's leading theatre companies and most adventurous indie producers want to welcome you into the theatre.

For Our Audiences

relaxed Performances

Relaxed performances are designed to welcome audience members who would benefit from a more relaxed environment, including those with sensory concerns, autism spectrum disorders, learning disorders, dementia; parents with small babies; or anyone for whom the regular theatre experience can be challenging.

Small modifications are made to the production and the patron experience to help reduce anxiety. The modifications vary depending on the production, and may include: reducing the volume of loud noises and effects, reducing or eliminating strobe effects, and keeping the lights in the audience slightly brighter in case a patron needs to leave the theatre.

Most importantly, everyone is welcome to do whatever they have to do to be able to enjoy the play. Whether you may need to make some noise, move around a bit, leave the theatre and take a break in the chill room, you're welcome in our theatre.


Touch Tours & Audio descriptions

For blind or visually impaired audience members we provide pre-show Touch Tours and Audio Described Performances. A touch tour is an opportunity for tactile exploration of the theatre prior to the show. One of our hosts will guide audience members while they explore the set, props, and costumes of the play. The hosts will also introduce the audience to actors and can answer any questions.

During the show an actor describes the visual elements of the performance in real-time through headphones.



For Deaf, Deafened, and Hard of Hearing Audiences we provide ASL interpreted performances.



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