The Village Improv for Alzheimer's Club

We're not trying to teach improv to Calgarians living with Alzheimer's disease or related dementia, rather we try to brighten their day via improv.

We create a feeling of belonging where they are recognized, valued, and validated via improv.

We seek to reduce their levels of anxiety, stress, and isolation via improv.

Watch our mini-doc to see V.I.A. in action

Participants play improv theatre games and perform scenes where no idea is a bad idea and everyone is celebrated for the creative and insightful people they are.

The V.I.A. Program is offered in partnership with the Alzheimer Society of Calgary.

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Beginnings Middles & Ends Zine Club

The Beginnings Middles and Ends Zine is a quarterly self-published magazine written by Calgarians living with mental illness and featuring poetry, illustration, short stories, dramatic texts, artist statements, and any other form that speaks to our writers.

Zines are self-published paper magazines, usually a bit counter-culture, a bit punk-rock, and pretty awesome.

The group believes that no matter where you are in life you have a story to tell, so why not put it in a zine.

The Zine Club is offered in partnership with Elements Calgary Mental Health Centre.

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