We produce and present plays created by artists with disabilities and their allies that insist on and celebrate their place in the public sphere.

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Conceived by Justin Many Fingers

A journey through the living history and cultural significance of Blackfoot Sign Language. 

This movement-based performance project aims to explore Blackfoot culture through the development of language. We are interested in uncovering as many Blackfoot signs as possible and integrate them into our storytelling. 

 This project has been in consultation with several elders and community members to piece together as much as we can about Blackfoot sign language: learning signs, understanding their meanings, stories and origins. We’ll also be using ASL, spoken Blackfoot, and broken English.

Led by Justin Many Fingers, our multi-Nation team of collaborators include:

Torrie Ironstar - visual artist/Indigenous Deaf consultant 

Landon Krentz - theatre artist/American Sign Language/Deaf culture consultant 

Zach Running Coyote - performer

Elizabeth Ferguson-Breaker - performer

Sheldon First Rider - lead elder/ Blackfoot language consultant 

Raymond Many Bears - elder

Beverley Hungry Wolf - elder

Col Cseke - producer/story contributor 

Cara Eastcott - producer/story contributor 

Janice Manchul - American Sign Language interpreter 

Bree MacDonald- American Sign Language interpreter