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Audio Description - Mind Palace

MoMo Movement presents The Mind Palace


Momo Movement presents The Mind Palace, a co-created contemporary performance exploring the imaginations of our ensemble members. This fantastical show will take you on a journey through the landscapes, emotions and visions of each individual. Prepare for the unexpected.

Featuring set design and and costume pieces by artists from the Indefinite Arts Centre, music by Eric Smith.

Momo Movement is shaping how disability is felt, perceived, understood, experienced, hailed and resounded through performance. By working individually with each performer, Momo is innovating one size fits one training and developing unique ensemble creation methods that are highly collaborative and participatory with the aim of discovering and presenting new disability arts aesthetics in movement performance.

LOCATION: Decidedly Jazz Danceworks - 111 12th Ave SE

TICKETS: MoMo Movement has $5.00 tickets available to Good Host audience members.