We are proud to present elaine lee, Inside Out Theatre’s first Playwright in Residence! Elaine will be working with Inside Out Theatre’s Artistic Director to develop their new play Make Love, Not Art.

About the play Make Love, not art

A renowned visual artist is known for daring nude portraits that display her unique and tiny body for all to see. But, when she asks her gallery curator and self-professed biggest fan out on a date we find out how he really views her body when it’s in front of him in the flesh. If he describes her portraits as erotic does that mean he can find her attractive?

The characters get personal and political as they confront voyeurism, self-exploitation, and the struggle to be seen in this intimate and incisive new play

Make Love, Not Art will be developed over the 2015/16 and 2016/17 theatre seasons, and will take the stage as part of Inside Out’s 2017/18 season.



Local visual and performing artist and writer, Elaine Lee was born in Vancouver, BC with a rare condition known as Osteogenesis Imperfecta (aka Brittle Bones). With a life expectancy of 2 years old, Elaine lived in the hospital for the first five years of her life, discovering how to break all the boundaries that society thought she would never experience - life!

Underneath Elaine’s fragile exterior, lay her inert creative abilities and passion for the arts which she discovered the moment she held a crayon for the very first time at the age of three! This became the impetus that led Elaine to explore and branch into the world of fine and performing arts, both on and offstage.

In 1988, Elaine moved to Whitehorse, Yukon, where she got her first taste of acting and singing in school Christmas concerts and plays. By grade 8, Elaine had the privilege to collaborate and write a theatre production called “Rainbows” with the incomparable Mary Sloan, a well-known Yukon educator and dramaturg within the Whitehorse theatre community. After graduating from high school, Elaine returned to Vancouver to attend Simon Fraser University, where she was invited to guest star in SFU’s bi-weekly Black Box Theatre shows as well as various a short films. Elaine’s passion for creative writing inspired her to do some public motivational speaking, leading her to share the most intimate, thought-provoking moments of her life about her unique identity. She transformed these testimonials into a monologue for Eve Ensler’s the Vagina Monologues.

Eventually, Elaine was accepted into the well-renowned Emily Carr Institute of Fine Arts (later renamed, Emily Carr University), where she graduated with her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 2010. Since then, Elaine relocated to Calgary where she literally stumbled upon a small role as a contortionist in the saloon scene of the three part mini-series called “The Klondike.”

Today, Elaine is just excited to return to the theatre world, where she hopes to inspire and bring hope and awareness to people of all abilities through the art of living life to its fullest, no matter what challenges life may bring!


About the Playwright in Residence Program

The Playwright-in-Residence post aims to provide new play support and professional development to a Calgary based aspiring playwright who identifies as differently-abled or disabled. Inside Out Theatre is dedicated to celebrating a theatre community for Every Body, and are thrilled to invest their time and support into Elaine.

The Playwright-in-Residence program is generously supported by the RBC Foundation


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