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Relaxed Performance - Huck Fin

Storybook Theatre presents Huck Finn

Huck and his pal Tom Sawyer just can’t stop getting into mischief. And when it turns out to be profitable, Huck’s Pa wants in on the action. So much so that he locks Huck in a shed. Managing to escape the makeshift prison, Huck decides he would be better off floating down the river away from home. Along the way, he comes across Jim, a slave escaped from Huck’s aunt’s place. Opening Huck’s mind to the reality of slavery, the journey downriver with Jim is a real education for Huck. Full of adventure, good old-fashioned fun, and some vital life lessons, this American classic is s treat to share with your family.

RUNNING TIME: One Act Play with Music  - Approx. 90 minutes


LOCATION: Beddington Theatre Arts Centre - 375 Bermuda Drive

FOR TICKETS CALL (403) 216-0808 ext.1 or click the button below

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