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Relaxed Performance Run - Make Love Not Art

Inside Out Theatre presents Make Love Not Art

part of The High Performance Rodeo


Meet Dotty, a renowned visual artist known for daring portraits that display her unique and tiny body for all to see. When late one night she and Phillip, her gallery curator and self-professed biggest fan, find themselves alone in the gallery surrounded by provocative images of herself we find out how he really views her body when it’s in front of him in the flesh.

Inside Out gets personal, physical, and political as these two confront the struggle to be seen in this intimate and incisive new play.

We are proud to present an entire relaxed run! We're committed to not only celebrating the work of artists with disabilities on our stage, but to also have that mission reflected in our audience.

CONTENT WARNING: Mature subject matter and images, recommended age 18+

RUNNING TIME: 60 minutes

LOCATION: Engineered Air Theatre in Arts Commons - 205 8th Ave SE

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