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Audio Description - Salt Water Moon

Salt Water Moon part of the High Performance Rodeo

A Factory Theatre Production touring with Why Not Theatre

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The First World War is over and every day, the villages of Newfoundland are abandoned for a new life in the big city. Under the light of the moon, two former lovers meet to confront their past choices and contemplate a possible future — together.

Award-winning director Ravi Jain reimagines this beloved Canadian classic about love, loss and reconciliation through an intercultural lens, asking the question: “Can you ever truly return home?” See the spellbinding result.

Factory Theatre’s mission is to enthral audiences with the imagination of Canadian playwrights and to develop the next generation of intercultural theatre artists. Since its founding in 1970, Factory has committed to exclusively producing Canadian plays and made it an artistic priority to invest in and showcase Canadian artists who bring their stories to our theatre in Toronto.

Why Not Theatre is an agile, international theatre company based in Toronto, Canada, rooted in the values of innovation, community and collaboration. Our work is inventive, cross-cultural, and reflects our passion for the exploration of difference. We challenge the status quo by examining what stories are being told and who is telling them.

RUNNING TIME: 90 minutes

LOCATION: Decidedly Jazz Dance Centre - 111 12th Ave SE

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